For this reason WhatsApp will close your account at the end of March!

For this reason WhatsApp will close your account at the end of March!

Today we will tell you why it is popular Application From Share I can close your account by the end of this March, so be very careful, because this can undoubtedly happen to you.

Of course you use WhatsApp often, and that’s the application Mission Service Quick is successful and many people exchange videos, photos, GIFs and funny animated stickers with all their friends.

However, the application can Close Your account at the end of March for a series of details on what you do wrong on WhatsApp.

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It should be noted that the popular application on its website mentions many points that you now need to know.

To begin with, if your account has not been active for more than 120 consecutive days and you wish to sign in again, you will not be able to use it by the end of March.

Users of modified applications such as WhatsApp Plus will not be able to use WhatsApp.

Another detail is that if you frequently spam on WhatsApp and create broadcast lists or groups to send a specific message, they may close your account as well.

If you’re one of those blocked by many people at the same time in a day, you should say goodbye to it as your account will be deleted.

It is noteworthy that WhatsApp, like Facebook, has been fighting against fake news.

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This will remove the account application of the persons responsible for spreading false news in order to improve its filters.

If you share documents, your WhatsApp account may not be audited, but if you send files related to modified programs, you can say goodbye to it.

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