Toni Costa falls in love with Evelyn Beltran and dedicates a sweet song to her

Toni Costa falls in love with Evelyn Beltran and dedicates a sweet song to her

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Tony Costa He became romantic with Evelyn Beltrán and through his social networks dedicated a sweet song to her. The dancer is seen falling in love with his new girlfriend more and more, and the Mexican is enjoying all the love he gives her to the fullest.

Despite the intense rumors that the couple were exposed to, in which they confirmed it Tony Costa was unfaithful to the mother of her daughter with Evelyn BeltranThe duo stayed strong. Even as time goes by, they are seen closer than ever, flaunting their love for the four winds.

Tony Costa and Evelyn Beltran sparked engagement rumors at the end of 2021, just a few months after the Spaniard split from Adamari Lopez. However, the couple announced their relationship and posed together on social media for the first time in March 2022.

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Toni Costa Shows Her Most Romantic Side With Evelyn Beltran

Although both of them flaunt their time together on social networks in a discreet way, the love they have for each other is seen from afar. Through their official Instagram accounts, Toni and Evelyn have shared multiple dates, such as the last Walking in San Francisco.

This time Tony Costa took to his tales to post a video of him driving and in the background Soraya’s song “How Beautiful” is heard. The excerpt he shared says:What a beautiful sunrise every morning. How beautiful your eyes are hope. How nice it is to be with people who love you”, in the post he tagged his girlfriend.

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Evelyn Beltran He didn’t let Tony Costa’s romantic gesture go unnoticed and shared the dedication to his Instagram Stories. “Good morning,” he wrote, followed by a heart upon waking with his partner’s tender devotion.

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