“For Tigres, the shape and level of the game matters more than the score” according to ‘La Mirada de Faitelson’

“For Tigres, the shape and level of the game matters more than the score” according to ‘La Mirada de Faitelson’

The Tigres team faces the most important opportunity in their history to face the powerful and prestigious Bayern Munich in a tournament final World Club Championship. In a match where the German national team is widely favored, the Monterrey duo will achieve glory no matter what result they get.

On this week’s episode of podcast Fettelson’s lookIts driver considered this more important than the final result obtained by the team led Ricardo Ferretti, It’s the way you compete. “I know that by thinking this way I am attentive against one of the principles of sport and that many of those who think that winning is not the most important thing but the only thing that matters, I think that everything happens through the feelings that he acted out in court in the way and in the way in which they compete.”

“What I will ask Tigres on Thursday is to go out on the field fearlessly, liberally, to show his football and his personality, to fight for possession and depth even André-Pierre Gignac And Carlos Gonzalez can create danger in the opponent’s goal. ESPN analyst said.

In another section of his analysis, Fettelson realized that the importance of winning this cup is not the same for the two teams, noting that “although Bayern Munich will come out and win it, this cup is not the most important as it is for Tigres. The German team will not be better or worse in terms of the result.” That they will receive, while for the Mexican team it is a great opportunity to take advantage of it. “

The podcast host added, “No matter what score I get, I will value two main things: How Tigres win or lose. He insists that the main thing will not be much in the final score but in the football that appears on the field. He has to do a mission.” Playing with you for the best team in the world, although it would also be necessary to say that what they achieve, will show the standard of football being played in Mexico, but not the true level of Mexican football, “he considered.

Finally, Fettelson closed a chapter of the program, conserving and insisting that “Tigres is playing this Thursday the most important game in the history of a Mexican club and I think the final result is the least that matters.”

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Listen to Fettelson’s lookDavid’s opinion of the Tigres match against Bayern Munich

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