Buckley describes the request to study his mental health a “coup.”

Buckley describes the request to study his mental health a “coup.”

(CNN Español) – El Salvador’s president, Nujib Bukele, described the petition submitted Tuesday by a deputy from the opposition to a medical team to assess his physical and mental condition to continue his position as a “parliamentary coup.”

“It’s unbelievable, but it reveals, to see democracy advocates,” democracy defenders “, remain silent in the face of the attempted parliamentary coup, just days before the democratic elections where all opinion polls say they will lose more than 80% of the seats,” he wrote. Bukele on his Twitter account.

The petition was filed by Representative Ricardo Velasquez Parker of the opposition Republican National Alliance (ARENA). It is stipulated in Article 131, No. 20, of the country’s constitution. The aforementioned article authorizes the Legislative Council to declare a physical or mental disability to the first president if the medical committee decides this unanimously.

What process does the petition follow now?

“We cannot leave the wheel of this republican ship to a patient,” Velasquez Parker stressed during the plenary session to justify his suggestion. This will be studied by the Political Committee, which is mostly made up of opposition MPs.

If the political committee decides to go ahead with the proposal, it must appoint a committee of five doctors to prepare a report, as stipulated in Article 131 of the Constitution. It says that to declare the president’s inability to continue exercising his duties, the House of Representatives must do so by at least 56 votes out of 84.

This number will be reached with all lawmakers from the opposition parties Arena and FMLN. However, some of these parties’ representatives did disagree. Mario Pons, speaker of the legislature, does not believe the petition will be approved if it is voted on, as it was stated on Wednesday during an interview with “Diana Veronica e Toni” on a local radio station.

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Another indictment from Bukele

The left-wing Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front supported another petition by some organizations to remove Buckili from his post. Representative Jorge Shafiq Hendal filed the petition demanding, through a preliminary hearing, the dismissal of the president due to the militarization of the Legislative Council on February 9, 2020, when he stormed Bukele, accompanied by the police and the army, to pressure MPs to approve a loan of $ 109 million. The purpose of the loan was to finance the third phase of his security plan.

“Many of the“ supposed human rights organizations ”claiming to be“ defending institutions, democracy and the separation of powers ”remain silent in the face of the declared coup attempt. Do you see how they are not really defending any of that?” Buckley wrote in another tweet after To be informed of the two petitions submitted in the association.

Buckili has maintained a tense relationship with the Legislative Assembly since taking office on June 1, 2019. Since then, the president has ruled with minority support. However, this relationship may change on February 28. At that time, municipal, legislative and Central American elections will take place.

Private and other polling station measurements conducted by universities point to the New Ideas Party, which Buckley formed after his expulsion from FMLN, in October 2017, as the preferred candidate and by a large majority. The Electoral Court will participate in the 2019 presidential elections, in which Buckili registered and won the first round with Gran Alianza por la Unidad Nacional (GANA). The February 28 elections will be the first in which Nuevas Ideas, who has the support of the Salvadoran president, will participate.

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