Francesca LaChapelle found her wedding dress and shared what this intimate moment was like

Francesca LaChapelle found her wedding dress and shared what this intimate moment was like

Francesca LaChapelle She has found her wedding dress, already in her possession and ready to walk into the arms of her beloved Francesco Zambogna. In an interview with El Diario de Nueva York, hostess Despierta América told us what it was like to find her dress. And he told us he lived that moment all brides talk about. That moment when you try on the dress and instinctively know that this is the dress.

The Univision star compared this moment in front of her dress to the moment she knew Francesco Zampogna was the man for her.

“I am crazy because you see it, but you have to wait for the important day. But this is the dress of dreams, I have had the experience in which they tell you, to wear it and feel it: “This is the dress” … I wore it and just got to know. It was as if I met Francesco, you know, from: “This man is mine.” So it was with the dress.He told us in an exclusive interview.

Enjoy this fun conversation with Francisca Lachapel here:

We also learned that Francesca is working alongside Amazon to curate the list of gifts, some of which have already arrived at her home. The importance of Amazon in this process is that the driver found with them many benefits, such as: those gifts that guests do not buy or that are still pending, Francesca and her husband will be able to get them later at a 20% discount . This information was of course confirmed to us by Amazon, who added: “In addition, we can simultaneously support our small Latin businesses that are available on Amazon by adding them to the registry.”

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If you’d like to access the Amazon wedding section, click here:

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