Francia Marquez responds to Roy Barreras – political parties – politics

Francia Marquez responds to Roy Barreras – political parties – politics

presidential candidate France Marquis In response to the statements of the senator and the current president of the debate, Roy Barreras, where he confirmed that Marquez presented himself at the top of the list of the Senate of the Republic.

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Marquez noted that his political movement, because we entered into the historic pact with the intention of challenging the candidacy for the presidency.

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“Who am I because we enter historical charter To compete in the consultations and win the presidency of Colombia.”

Marquez also added: “We do not accept Ruy Barreras telling us where we should occupy. We are here to take on the task of the people and the majority.”

Finally, the candidate mentioned it Roy Barreras He decided to walk out of counseling for his reasons. “We have collectively decided to stay,” he said.

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In this regard, Senator Barreras said on his Twitter account: “The most effective way to divide us is to repeat the fabricated phrases. Both of us ran for the presidency and those who are still running believe they have a chance to win. Otherwise, they will refuse. Respect for France Marquis and all competitors.

In the past hours, the movement supporting Marquez’s candidacy, I Because, issued a harsh statement not only calling for action against those who placed the paintings in the historic charter, but also declaring that it would. Assess whether he continues in the left-wing coalition.

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This is due to the fact that the agreements on the representation of communities of African descent in the list of the political movement in the Senate of the Republic were violated in the historical pact.

“We agree on the importance of the Senate Close List on the assumption that it ensures a balance between the sexes, gives opportunity to the most important social movements, and will give a place to the ethnic peoples, represented there by political movements. Mace and ADA and soybeans because we are. This was not achieved for soybean borke sumos. “Our achievements and aspirations have been seriously affected,” the statement said.

The candidate announced that the Soy Porque Somos movement would convene an extraordinary assembly to decide whether or not to continue the historic charter of the next presidential election.

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