Frida Sofa: This was a reunion with her father, Pablo Moctezuma, what do you think Alejandra Guzmán? | Pictures

Frida Sofa: This was a reunion with her father, Pablo Moctezuma, what do you think Alejandra Guzmán?  |  Pictures

Daughter of the Alejandra GuzmanHis father met businessman Pablo Moctezuma, this tender meeting comes amid rumors of a reconciliation between Frida Sophia And her mother, after filing an endless lawsuit in 2019 with strong statements against her mother and the entire Pinal dynasty, as hundreds of netizens criticized her and others endorsed her for being honest and transparent about the singer’s family life.

At the time when the quarrels began, there was talk of betrayals, addiction, and abortion, and that “La Guzman” was going to have intimate relationships with whoever was her daughter’s friend, Christian Estrada While, Alejandra Guzman Estrada denied everything blaming Frida’s mental health, so she began receiving the support of her father and family through Beatrice Basquell his fathers wife.

Like family

It was she who participated through her official account on Instagram, the tender meeting between the father and is being, As they both seem so happy and being a wonderful family, these lovely moments were immortalized in the widely circulated photos, in addition to the fact that netizens expressed their support and affection through public comments on the site. Social red Photographer D.

The message accompanying the post consists of a simple phrase and some heart emoji ”finally“, In reference to the fact that such a long-awaited family meeting could finally take place, you can also see how a father and daughter merge their love in a long, gentle embrace full of emotions that stirred so much that they definitely went out to show some tears of emotion.

In another photo, you can clearly see a fun city ride on the convertible, which is via PhotographThe family looks very happy and excited as the air strikes them in the face at sunset, watch that unforgettable sunny evening, some users assert that the small model, Frida sofa, “Identical” to his father since he was happily ever after Photograph They are both shown tilting their heads to the same side, allowing the similar features of their parents to be highlighted.

In the foreground you can see how Beatrice goes to her husband’s oath, while Frida He is on the backside of the same side as his father, plus there is also a third woman accompanying them, while everyone, very smiling at Pascal’s camera, signifies emotion and a lot of happiness, it seems like something new to them. Everyone but this was definitely a necessary thing.

In one of several interviews with Pablo regarding his daughter FridaThe businessman replied that he was in desperate need of his daughter’s company, “I would have loved to stay with her for much longer,” and also assured that he always supported her in any way possible, stating that he loved and loved her.


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