Heavy fist fight in Miami Tropical Chicken

Heavy fist fight in Miami Tropical Chicken

A heavy fist fight ensued during a Sunday night In the restaurant of the Pollo Tropical franchise It is located in Cutler Bay, Miami, where three alleged customers have attacked store employees for previously unknown reasons.

The violent incident was recorded by someone who was there. Judging from the photos, three women suddenly began verbally and physically assaulting the staff (mainly a woman and a man), a confrontation that took place after 9 pm. As detailed by Telemundo.

In the short video, someone is seen hitting employees from the car window. Drive-thruCar servicing, inserting roughly half the body in for the purpose, while an employee tries to push it away. The facility is established more specifically at US1 and 187 Southwest in Miami.

Miami Police Dade I informed the above medium The victim does not want the paramedics to treat her. The suspects left before the officers arrived.

A female employee said that the women began attacking the young workers, and she intervened in response to prevent further harm. Polo Tropical stated that the events are under investigation.

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