Frida Sophia full of injuries, reveals pictures in the networks

Frida Sophia full of injuries, reveals pictures in the networks

Recently a series of pictures surfaced that undoubtedly surprised many people, it is about Pictures from Frida Sophia That was traded on the net where you can see it Multiple woundsAmong them are scratches and bruises.

It is known that this will be the evidence that the singer’s lawyers will present to the authorities to prove that her mother, Alejandra Guzman He is really a violent person.

In case you weren’t in context, we make it clear to you, the case revolves around a battle that Guzmán and Frida Sofía fought for years, around 2017, as they reached coups and, as is known, after sharing a large bottle of alcohol in Las vigasMother and daughter attacked each other Verbal How PhysicallyAnd as if that were not enough, there are witnesses to that fateful moment.

The photos provided by the media portal “Suelta la Sopa” are those that Frida’s lawyers will submit to the court, to show that Alejandra is the one who started the physical attacks that day.

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The photos in question were to be taken by Frida Sophia herself after the contest, because they were the photos that were sent to a director “La Guzman” Where you can read some of the words, Frida replied with more than reassuring text, and everyone who saw the piece angered entertainment: “Do we both have a problem with alcohol and this brings out the worst. My mom used to ask me always and the only truth is that I won’t take it anymore.”

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In the same letters, Frida told her account of what was going to happen that night, starting with admitting that she was not fully conscious, because she was under the influence of a drink.

“I know I was unconscious yesterday when he started pulling my hair because he was hugging me 5 minutes ago. I understand that because I’m not a white pigeon either, but then I really defend myself. It hurts so much to quarrel with my mom, I don’t know what to say to her anymore, She sees everything that happens to our world, ”the young woman’s words were.

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Let’s remember that weeks before Gustavo Adolfo’s controversial interview with Sophia, the singer also admitted that that day in Las Vegas was when she raised her hand to her mother, saying it had never happened before.

“I never hit him, until that day in Las Vegas, where I told him, ‘Hey, Capper * na, that is, no mothers, you will hit me again,’” defending that he had received aggression and answered her in defense.

In addition, there are audio recordings in which Frida mentions in English, “I have nothing to hide, nothing, nothing. The only thing I hide from myself is my pain, but that’s it.”

However, on the other hand, we have a Mexican rock make-up artist, who seems to be one of the witnesses to that sad night, says he could come to court in defense of the singer, as he confirms that Frida was the only one. Who started the infamous agr3sion.

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That way he mentioned: “It all started when the friend left the restaurant, and what is more, someone from the security was standing in his way,” said the make-up artist.

Likewise, he assured that the first to start was Frida Sophia, when she pulled her mother’s hair, and according to her statements, this is something she did not only do in Las Vegas but also upon their arrival in Los Angeles.

All this was told by Juan Manuel, the famous host of the show we mentioned earlier, who confirmed that he spoke with the makeup artist in “La Guzmán” and these were the exact words that he would admit to him.

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