Timber Wolves’ best basketball has arrived after exclusion, illusion, or future vision?

Timber Wolves’ best basketball has arrived after exclusion, illusion, or future vision?

Timber Wolves are at their best this season, after being eliminated. Now, without any pressure, they are looking to end the year, but is this a look to the future or just an illusion?

Minnesota Timber Wolves He gave a significant turn to his bad season and after his exclusion and practically ascertaining one of the best positions to choose in Draft NBA For the 2021-22 season.

With four straight wins and six victories from the last ten, Minnesota Timber Wolves Cost important matches for teams in a class Utah JazzWho ranks first in Western conference.

However, the quality wins Timber Wolves It also includes teams like Sacramento KingsAnd the Houston Rockets s Golden State WarriorsTeams that haven’t played good basketball yet this season.

The Timber Wolves It is a team that has a lot of potential, no doubt about it, they have a good future ahead of them and are counting on their status with players of caliber. Cities Carl AnthonyAnd the Dangelo Russell Or novice Anthony EdwardsLater, they could get a headache. Sadly, from what has been shown this year and due to the low quality of the teams that have been defeated after being excluded from the competition to reach beyond the season, it is clear that everything is being seen, at least for 2021, it is an illusion.

Minnesota Did not find his rhythm during the season, and the injuries Covid-19 Prevented Russell s the cities They can play more games. Firing his coach during February was one of the lowest times of the year and showed the corporate turmoil found in the franchise, something that needs to be addressed in the off-season.

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The set contains notable personalities, there is no doubt about that. Cities Carl Anthony He will finish with very good numbers for this year, averaging 24.8 points per game, the third most in his career, plus 4.8 rebounds (the highest total in his time in the game). NBA). And 10.8 rebounds, repeating what he did last season.

Away from their individual personalities, they have seen a small creative team have issues with defense, which will also have to be addressed once the year is over.

In the end, the current results of the Timber Wolves They are because they have nothing to lose in a year. They play basketball without pressure, without any kind of profit for them as a franchise and they do so against several teams in a somewhat similar position to theirs, but they still weren’t competitive.

For the sake of all this, despite the good time, these Timber Wolves It is, at least for the time being, an illusion, and not a real project for the future, which could change once it Draft NBA.

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