From bikinis to fancy dresses: 5 looks from Yalitza Aparicio that have sparked criticism

From bikinis to fancy dresses: 5 looks from Yalitza Aparicio that have sparked criticism

Yalitza Aparicio It became a topic of conversation after it was shown in a bikini In his last form Instagram. Although it has been highly acclaimed by many users for breaking beauty stereotypes, it has also been heavily criticized by others. This isn’t the first time she’s an actressRomeThey are judged by their looks and here we show you the five most controversial.

After the 28-year-old actress became known in the movie Alfonso Cuaron It has been hugely popular, and with its message against discrimination and racism, as well as being proud of its original roots, it has been the image of many advertising campaigns for expensive luxury brands.

5 looks of Yalitza Aparicio that caused criticism

Origin from Tlaxiaco, Oaxacahave roared through Red carpet With luxurious dresses from brands such as dolce gabbana, Dior Louis Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta, Morave, among others. Also, last year Cartier He called her “friend of the house”, while Chosen by Prada as an ambassador. from him, Yalitza She has been the victim of severe criticism from those who do not accept to see her in designer clothes because she is indigenous, but she responded forcefully.

Yalitza shows off luxury brands Photo: IGyalitzaapariciomtz

In addition, in their social networks such as InstagramWhere she already has 2.2 million followers, the actress also wears some typical pieces from the region she originates from, which shows that despite being a world-renowned artist, she still proudly wears this type of Mexican attire.

Also, it has been shown confident in her body Well, she also uploads pictures to her official accounts of some looks in which she is proud of her personality, for example fitted dresses Navel, crop tops and more recently in a bikini, like the last photo in which she gave a strong message of self-love.

“Every time I have pictures like this, I feel embarrassed to share them, because of the comments that come up… But I always talk about self-love, and the truth is that I love myself just the way I am. Also, I am the younger version of the rest of my life. Note: We did not leave tlayudas In Oaxaca, it is impossible to stop eating.”

Yalitza in a bikini Photo: IGyalitzaapariciomtz
Model Dresses Photo: IGyalitzaapariciomtz
The navel also caused quite a stir. Photo: IGyalitzaapariciomtz
She’s built a career as a model Photo: IGyalitzaapariciomtz

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