Itati Cantoral surprises with a dazzling change in her appearance in “El Retador” | Video

Itati Cantoral surprises with a dazzling change in her appearance in “El Retador” |  Video

Itati Cantoral He never ceases to surprise his fans on social media and the audience at .the challengerFor her stunning beauty seen in more than one research It proves that no matter what it looks like, it will still look stunning.

The “La mexicana y el güero” actress shared with her more than 2 million followers on Instagram the shocking change to her Sunday night look at “the challenger‘, something never seen before.

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Cantoral was seen by a Midriff In white with pink tones and colorful boats Dorado, accompanied by Barbie-style slippers that reveal her slim figure legs.

However, what attracted the most attention was the short hair that highlighted her beauty, and the actress did not hesitate to show the process behind the scenes to achieve an impressive look every week.

The rivalry for love in “El Retador”?

Itati Cantoral was not only surprised by his appearance changes, but he also did so with some of his statements about Manuel Mijares, as he emphasized on more than one occasion that if given the opportunity, he would not hesitate to kiss Lucero’s ex-husband.

On previous shows, the actress revealed that “if Lucero is engaged” she will have no problem kissing “Soldier of Love”, Consuelo Duval He did not hesitate to respond, also acknowledging his love for the singer, all before Lucero’s surprised look.

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This Sunday, it was possible to discern the rivalry between these celebrities, as they each time hints that Itatí Cantoral is releasing to Mijares, which on Sunday silenced actress Lucero in the middle of the program.

El Retador judges. Photo: Instagram @elretadormx

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