From the “Ugly Duckling” to the Netflix star, this is the drastic change of Dana Paula

From the “Ugly Duckling” to the Netflix star, this is the drastic change of Dana Paula

Dana Paula He enjoys great popularity not only in Mexico, but all over the world thanks to his numerous talents both on television and on stage with his voice.

The 24-year-old Mexican singer started her career at a very young age with her participation in some TV shows, such as her role as Mara Belen in La familia P. Luche.

Dana Paula began her career at the age of 4 in the year 199, when she appeared in Plaza Sesamo and then entered the telenovela Rayito de Luz, one of her first important roles.

Nevertheless, she starred as a hero in the TV series Mara Belen, which was recognized not only in Mexico, but throughout Latin America. Additionally, she has been considered to appear with him in the series Eugenio Derbez.

His voice pleased the audience as he performed the performance of the Messenger of Peace at the concert of Pope John Paul II. Then, in the same year, the young actress and singer managed to conquer again with the melodrama Vivan Los Nios.

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Amy, the girl with the blue backpack and Alegrijes y Rebujos, were two of the TV series in which the actress was highly regarded for her acting talent.

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The first movie that Dana Paola starred in was Arrncame la vida with actress Anna Claudia Talinken in 2008. Later, as a teenager, she starred in the telenovela Sounds of ice creamr, which would set the tone for the actress’s major physical change.

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Dana Paula went on to achieve successes in her career in both music and acting, with her participation in the Netflix lite series even placing her in the eyes of audiences around the world.

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