Shivas Liga MX! Woke up in !: With force, the herd defeated champion Leon at home

Shivas Liga MX!  Woke up in !: With force, the herd defeated champion Leon at home

Jesus Sanchez gets the ball on the outskirts of a large area and sends a shot to Alfonso Blanco’s distant post (video: Fox Sports)

This Monday, Champion Leon Chivas received the Guadalajara At the end of Day 5 of the Guard 1 2021 competition. Despite Antonio Prisso’s own goal, Rojiplancos scored his first victory of the match over Esmeraldas With notes by Jesus Sanchez, Jose Juan McCas and Alejandro Majorca (1-3).

The Holy flock Accompanied by Guanajuato The rush of a victory. Four days later, they did not have a win, and dragged two defeats in a row and, in addition, amassed only 2 points out of a possible 12.

On the contrary, Green stomach Was He calmed the water by winning the last round Against Atletico de San Luis. Despite a tight schedule and holding one of their matches, little by little they showed a football match that topped them in the last few matches.

Jose Juan Magias found the reincarnation and had to push the net only (Video: Fox Sports)

However, Game Trapped In midfield. Like the first round of a boxing match, both teams were looking forward to what their opponent could do with the ball, stopping the game in midfield.

It was as if the match was going to close, but one thing Personal play changed the tide In shares (23). On a hook, Jesus Sanchez Got the ball outside the big area, missing the other options, sent one Distant shot by Alfonso Blanco The score is inevitable (0-1).

The Mexican football kings responded Press the exit from Guadalajara to take advantage of the fast, defensive error (30). The approach paid off because, after Raவுl Gudino’s excellent save, Andres Mosquara scored the equalizer, but Had to be violated with a clear hand Defender.

Luis Montes sent a poisoned center that Antonio Prisso inadvertently sent the ball to his goal (Video: Fox Sports)

Whistler’s intervention at the goal calmed La Fierra. Although they controlled the ball, Rojiblanco came into the frame without danger and did not bother the goalkeeper, who was a spectator late in the first half.

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But insisted The Jalisco team was not satisfied And increased his advantage on the scoreboard (45 ′ + 1). Again in a counter-attack, Uriel Antuna had the option to score, but Blanco was able to deflect the shot. To your misfortune, Jose Juan Magias regenerated and only had to push for the round For networks (0-2).

In the second half, The students of Ignacio Ambris were more steep In close attack on the cartons. Although the audience hunts for a new attack with their speed, the emeralds knock on Gudino’s door a little.

Alexis Vega sends a diagonal to Alexandro Majorca, who fires a shot that knocks Blanco down twice (video: Fox Sports)

Interestingly, the local goal did not come from a player from Lyon, but from Sivas (64). On a free kick, Luis Montes sent a poisoned center that was able to connect Antonio Prisso, carelessly sent the ball to his goal (1-2).

Despite their luck, the Emeralds complicated the rest of the match by one Exodus (72). William DeSilo A Rojiplanco tried to stop the counter-attack Hard coping in Hiram Meyer, Whistle Fernando Guerrero did not hesitate to show him the red card.

Still, the Liga MX champion did not give up, however The verticality of Vector Manuel Vusetich’s painting condemned the crowd (84). A new hair, Alexis Vega reached the base and sent a diagonal Alejandro Mallorca, Who fired a shot that knocked down Blanco (1-3) twice.

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