full storage? Free up space on your smartphone with these simple tricks

full storage?  Free up space on your smartphone with these simple tricks

If you get a notification from your mobile that your storage is nearly full, it’s time to get started free up space on your cell phone. To do that, we give you a short list of actions to free up space without sacrificing important apps along the way.

Remember that in most cases it is a simple call, gif, picture or sound from The WhatsApp, causes the cell phone storage space to fill up. Therefore, it is always recommended to know the capacity of the internal or external memory of the mobile.

The apps you don’t use

The first cleaning is with all those apps that you don’t use. By getting rid of them, you will see how they get a lot of space on your phone. To see how much apps weigh, you can go to it “Settings” then “Applications”As you can easily see the weight of each app and delete it from this option. The procedure is similar for IOS systems.

Navigation data

Web history accumulates as more sales unlock in the browser of your choice. Therefore, it is important that you get rid of this browsing data. For Android mobile phones, you must enter “Settings and tap Installed apps To clear data, cache and cookies. This case is similar to IOS and with its famous search engine “Safari”.

Files and Downloads

Pictures and videos

Usually, your smartphone gallery is the place that takes up the most space, there you keep all the gifs, screenshots, thousands of photos we share every day on WhatsApp and more. For this reason, cleaning and deleting files is preferred.

Remember that in this section you can check your WhatsApp app to delete all those stored files which are taking up a lot of cache.

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