Gabe Spanik presents the results of her new plastic surgery after leaving the operating room

Gabe Spanik presents the results of her new plastic surgery after leaving the operating room

Gabe Spanik He is not afraid of the operating room and therefore when he returns from it Hungary after participating in “Dancing with D Stars”, visited his trusted Miami physician, Dr. Louis Gill, to undergo some new touches and shared the results with his fans.

And the Venezuelan explained through social networking sites that she will undergo a new surgical intervention because she lost weight significantly after participating in “La Casa de Los Famosos” and a reality dance show in Europe, which left her sagging a little on her skin.

The operation took place last Thursday and 16 hours later, Spanic again appeared on the networks with the celebrity attendance specialist to show how she was. In the photos, the actress is seen very painfully, although she is very smiling and happy with the results.

Woke up like nothing, a little sore, normal, but very good, I’m a little inflamed but results will come soonThe protagonist explained ‘La Usurpadora’ while the doctor said: ‘It was amazing.’

In addition, Gill confirmed that we still have to wait a few weeks to see the final results of the operation, but he confirmed that everything went well.

It was amazing. We’ll show you how it turned out, and how we did it, but later on, he’s now recovering. I inform you that everything was perfect and very good“, He said.

Very happy and smiling, Spanic shared with her followers that the whole process went as expected and without any setback.

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Let’s recall that the Venezuelan recently arrived in Miami, USA, after participating in the reality show “Dancing with D Stars” in Hungary, where she spent several weeks.

Now that she is back home, she is getting ready to welcome 2022 and start it full of career projects. One of them will be telenovela Corazón guerrero from Televisa, where he will play one of the main characters.

The feud with Alicia Machado

Despite leaving the Telemundo reality show, the actress went to Europe to fulfill another work commitment, when she arrived in Miami again, the media wasted no time asking her about the relationship between Alicia Machado and Roberto Romano.

With her defining kindness, Spanik expressed: “My love, I don’t like getting into anyone’s private life. I’ve already thought about what I told her inside La Casa de los Famosos and nowWhat I made very clear was that she was not a woman to “just go to bed with anyone” and much less that she would in fact, having been taped 24 hours a day to be broadcast on network television.

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