If they take me prisoner, I am the one who will be summoned to the street

If they take me prisoner, I am the one who will be summoned to the street

Cuban Reggaeton Yumel Hidalgo He was not slow to respond to prison requests Official journalist Arlene Rodriguez confirms that there For the artist for the topic and video I’m from Cuba.

“These communist journalists keep playing around, belittling people’s feelings, doing whatever they want with me, enough threats, I’m at home and when they take me to prison, the one who will call the street will be me, and then we’ll see what happens,” Riggaeton tweeted.

“Coj…where one cannot continue to work quietly and there are still threats from people who have never cared about the lives of the most suffering and that is the people of Cuba. Noooo is a pin…what one has to live and endure here,” he added in a tweet other.

“They will do nothing, people are with you, self-expression is not a crime”; “And if you call, you are within your rights. It is enough that they end human rights in Cuba. We support you”; “Fort Yumel, we will not let anything happen to you … we want freedom of expression … the heroes of the video are not their heroes, they belong to all Cubans”; “Why do you think they (the Communists) were surprised on the 11th of July? Because they always underestimate the people, believe me we are the majority who want change in Cuba”; Some of the artist’s followers commented on this, saying: “Yumil is arrested and people will go out to the streets and live to see, to put a rope around their necks themselves.”

Official journalist Arlene Rodríguez Derivee stated on her show “Shapindo Bagito” on Radio Rebelde that “Prison Wanted” for Cuban band Reggaeton Yumel, due to their song video. I’m from Cuba, which uses gifs of Cuban martyrs and iconic characters of all time.

“Let them look at the networks, they are literally demanding imprisonment, for this insult to the Cuban nation (…) The networks are very hot, I would say they are rude, from a song, if it can be called a regime spokeswoman who confirmed that she will soon be able to provide more Information about the case “greatly harms the honor of Cubans.”

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