Gaes Hearing Awareness Campaign – Periodico PublicidAD

Gaes Hearing Awareness Campaign – Periodico PublicidAD

Actress, comedian and presenter Nerea Garmendia His voice joined that of the rapper Arcanoto send a message Awareness of the importance of paying attention to hearing health and seeing a specialist at the slightest sign of hearing loss.

Garmendia, who admitted last January on his personal Instagram account that he needs hearing help because he has a 33% hearing loss due to bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, and Arkano, who suffers from tinnitus, is a star. Because good hearing is importantwhich is an awareness campaign launched by the brand with the aim of Removing the stigma of hearing loss and raising awareness about hearing healthcare. Since announcing that she has a hearing loss, Garmendia has received hundreds of inquiries via its social networks, which have convinced her of the importance of sharing her case and encouraging anyone in a similar situation to go to a hearing center.

Sound is life to me and I feel touched and happy to explain how wonderful it is to be able to hear so well Now that I have found a solution to my hearing problem I want and feel compelled to shout out to the world for Please look at your hearing health at the slightest alarm sign Because there are solutions Change your life.”

for this part, Arcanothe rapper and former contestant on MasterChef Celebrity, who recently explained that he suffers from tinnitus, the wheezing that some people hear in the ear, has joined the Basque artist’s de-stigma message and called for the alert and prevention of hearing loss problems such as exposure to large amounts .

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“There is very little talk of hearing health, and there is no awareness among young people of how dangerous it is to wear headphones at high volumes because it can cause tinnitus problems which, if they go any further, can become serious conditions.”

run by journalist Mark HallThe speeches of the “Hearing is important” campaign also testify to the testimony of young people Marie Martinezthe current champion of Spain in figure skating, whose cochlear implants in 11 months allowed her to solve her severe severe deafness to enjoy a full life and, above all, compete at the highest level.
Various testimonials will be published in the form of small pills of this Thursday March 31 on Gaes Social Networks. The full version of the video will be available on the brand’s YouTube channel.

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