Gallia Montejo was fleeing Mexico; It is feared that the Gomez Montt case will be investigated, so they claim

Gallia Montejo was fleeing Mexico;  It is feared that the Gomez Montt case will be investigated, so they claim

In recent days absence Galilea Montego in a Today’s program And she worried the driver’s followers, as it was said that her health was not good, even the journalist Alex Cafe revealed that Guadalajara had pressure rises They made her miss the morning.

This will be the official version that the lack of Galilee employment Today had left, however, as it was already mentioned that the driver could negotiate with her superiors special permission to be absent for the remainder of the period 2021 the reasons? Keep reading that we are here telling you all that is known.

Galilee leave Hue and the country?

Several media outlets have asserted that the driver from Guadalajara will pretend to be ill and that she is in fact diverting attention to prevent the authorities from paying attention to see her and thus avoiding interrogation because she is her best friend. Ines Gomez MontAnd It should be noted that the above-mentioned are accused of money laundering.

according to Youtube Daniel Queiroz, To confirm Galilea Montego I have applied for a special permit to travel abroad for special studies, but this may be a lie.

Photo: Instagram Galilea Montijo.
The driver can travel abroad to undergo special studies.

Has Galilea also registered your name in IMPI?

It should be noted that Galilee The matter can be investigated after it was known that the driver received an expensive gift of just over 4 million pesos from her companion Ines Gomez Mont, what they say that Guadalajara will be aware of Alleged illegal activities from former driver from sweating.

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This is what the YouTuber said Dale Queiroz, Galilea Montego Such as Ines Gomez Mont He was going to sign his name with him maid, to provide the same services as the women wanted by Interpol, according to Malik Arguende TV Tapatia disease would be a hoax.

Galilea Montejo also bears his name registered with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, just with the option to offer and provide the same services as his friend, comrade, sister and partner Ines Gomez Montt, so we already understand the place of the strange disease of a former dancer, what can I tell you, my friend of my heart, ailment Galilea Montejo is a bad joke that is told alone,” Dale Queiroz said on his Argüende TV channel.

Watch Dale Queiroz’s video from minute 11:58

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Galilea Montego Is he pretending to be ill? They assert that he suffers from severe problems, but not with his health

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