San Roque Este: Tasano opened the 92nd space that was recovered in the city

San Roque Este: Tasano opened the 92nd space that was recovered in the city

This kind of work is part of our program for the next four years. “We will continue in the same vein as a modern and sustainable city, and that’s a big part of that,” the mayor said after the opening of the new site where the image of the neighborhood patron saint is located. It is Cave No. 32 that rises in the capital after eliminating a garbage dump.

On Friday, Mayor Eduardo Tasano led a passionate event in the San Roque Este neighborhood, where the municipality opened the 92nd restored space under the Small Landfill Mitigation Program.

In the place, where residents struggled for years with a large landfill, today stands Cave Number 32 of the city, in this case, with the image of San Roque, the symmetrical patron saint of the neighborhood.

With the intervention of a team from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, the space – located at the intersection of Valentin Alsina Streets and No. 490 – became a reflection and prayer point that was equipped with landscaping, painting and a small walk surrounding the grotto protecting the image of the patron saint.

“It makes me very happy because this is really the 92nd redeemed space. And here we are, in San Roque, with the neighbors, who are happy with all this,” said Tassano, referring to the new corner of the city, referring to the new corner of the city that changed its features. “We have to continue working on this issue, with regard to the issue of landfills and waste,” he immediately said.

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Then the mayor noted the administration’s commitment to continue actions that contribute to sustainability and the environment: “We want to beautify the city, we want to adopt good practices and good behaviors so that there are no landfills in neighborhoods; it is a battle we started from day one and we will continue down this path because the neighbors support us, because they They want a cleaner city, for the health of our children,” he said.

“Let’s continue down this path.”

Tasano highlighted the goals achieved through the Miniature Landfill Mitigation Program, both through the restoration of spaces formerly used as landfills, as well as the cultural change brought about by citizens in terms of waste treatment. “There is change, but we know that this is difficult and takes time and we will continue down this path,” he said.

“In this case, the beautification of the place also includes the landscape, but the main thing is the cause, the patron of the San Roque neighborhood, the saint to whom the inhabitants of the place are dedicated,” he said. The mayor and the advance in this regard, “This is within our program for the next four years; We will continue in the same vein as a modern and sustainable city and that is a big part of that.”

A place to meditate

San Roc Este’s neighbor Viviana Trippier celebrated the elimination of a landfill that, as she remembered, has cast a shadow over the Strip’s image for more than 20 years. “This is a wonderful day for all of us. I have lived in the neighborhood for 20 years and this corner has always been a very big dump. What this recovery has achieved, the truth is it is beautiful,” said the woman who was visibly affected by the work.

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Viviana then pointed to the need to oblige all neighbors to conserve and value the space: “It was possible to beautify an important point in the neighborhood after so many years. It is undoubtedly a great achievement and for this we are very grateful to Dr. Tasano’s management. Now we need the commitment of all the neighbors to maintain On this space, because this belongs to all of us. The image of our Patron Rukie-san does not give the possibility from now on to come near here to fulfill a request or a prayer.”

Active program

The Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Javier Rodriguez, noted the benefits that the Small Landfill Mitigation Program has achieved since its implementation in the city: “Without a doubt, the most important achievement is the cultural change that is taking place in all the neighbors who, as we see, are committed to taking care of this so that it does not become A landfill again. This is reflected in the effectiveness of nearly one hundred percent of the areas restored that are no longer landfills, thanks to this program that is already close to reaching its goal for 2021, which is to reach one hundred places restored.”

Rodriguez then highlighted the joint implementation mechanism proposed by the mitigation program: “This is an achievement for the municipality and the neighborhood residents who requested it. It is a landfill that is more than 20 years old and the neighbors suffered from it and now they are enjoying this teamwork that thanks to these results they are very happy.”

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