Gary Linker predicts Curtis Jones after Liverpool beat Spurs

Gary Linker predicts Curtis Jones after Liverpool beat Spurs

Gary Linker receives praise for Liverpool youngster Curtis Jones.

The midfielder put in an excellent performance The Reds’ A 2-1 victory over Spurs helped Roberto Firmino’s late goal dominate his side before closing three points.

It continued the 19-year-old’s best form so far this season as he secured a regular spot Jர்கrgen Globes Starting XI.

His performance received praise from Match of the Day host Lingerie, who spoke about Jones’ ability on social media.

Linker tweeted: “What a beautiful football player Curtis Jones There is. Going to be a Helva player. “

Numerous Reds fans responded in agreement to Linker.

“The scary thing is, he’s better than he’s showing now,” one replied. “He does what all young players do in the beginning and adores more senior players on occasion.

“But once he really starts to realize that you belong on the team you see him in!

Another added: “He deserves his place on the side.”

A third fan said: “Of course Steven Gerrard is a role model, he’s a special young talent.”

After the match, Amazon Prime Pundit – and Leanneckers Match of the Day Saga – Alan Shearer also spoke about Jones’ performance.

Shearer praised both Jones and teammate Rice Williams for the way they handled the pressure in a tense top-off-table clash.

He said: “We mentioned two boys and I am going to mention them again, for which I do not apologize.

“Two young men in their 19s came in and did the way they did, under pressure, to fill big boots, and they never missed anyone tonight.”

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