Gerard Pique is in a state of update on social networks

Gerard Pique is in a state of update on social networks

Gerrard Pique spread on social media early Monday morning, launching his own Twitch channel and, for about two hours in between contacting the famous streamer Ibo Lanos, he did not reveal certain things.

Barna Center-Back closed this premiere by releasing a video in which San Sebastian can be seen with Ronald Coman when he was five years old (there will be three decades in February), revealing insights into his salary and cutting it, promising that he would be followed by his captaincy team Messi, Bartomeu and La Porte talked about leaving … and many more things.

“Salary reduction? From the first day we opened. The four of us in a row (looking at Baskets, Sergei Roberto and Jordi Alba) gave us all the amenities … Since we decided that was due to time issue. But there were misunderstandings, I want to clarify this from this situation. We are fully committed to the club to leave, “he said, promising that” the following will come “after their agreement.

“You have to be grateful and understand the situation. There is no problem in downsizing. Other captains will come now to be the first,” he warned. It was decided to announce the reduction first. The information did not flow as we would like, but my colleagues will do the same as I did. “

“Yes, I have more passion with Laporte than Bartomeu. Many players feel let down by Bartomeu and there is more treatment with John. He is ordering, there are some steps back that were not there in the past,” he revealed, speaking openly about his relationship with the former president and Messi’s ouster.

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“We have known each other since we were 13. It is clear that the problem is annoying. Leo gave a lot to Barca, he was hard because he made us better … but we have to accept the reality. Go one step further and congratulate you on trusting us.” His successor? The situation was clear: “It was a shock. I did not talk to Leo during the whole process. You have to let them make their decision. It seemed like the end, in the end no one expected the result.”

Going forward with the new generation of players, Bigway promised that the host would not put pressure on them, but that Nico and Kavi, who do not know anyone, have done it in advance and have been for many years. We have a great foundation and we need to think about the future of the club because La Macia is our gift and good. “

“I do not know PSG’s position with the financially fair game, I’m not there, I think UEFA controls it, but they could have done it if they had signed up.”

“I want to keep the leagues intact because I’m traditionally thinking of clubs and hobbies like Villerial, Bilbao, Seville, Valencia … and there and many more clubs are affected because a Super League can exclude some” he settled … though ” There will be a change over time because it’s necessary. “

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