Gerardo Martino gives the key to Mexico to bypass the World Cup Finals

Gerardo Martino gives the key to Mexico to bypass the World Cup Finals

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Gerardo “Tata” Martineau, Technical Mexican national team, He knows the goal on the tri-color seat is to get there The famous fifth game at Globalism. A goal that has been tattooed for nearly 30 years on my fans and managers Mexican Football Association.

It is, that Compare the strategist Mexico with Paraguay And how that kind of selections They are not accustomed to being on top at world Cup, They can provide glimpses of success as they did with Bayroujah 10 years ago on South Africa 2010 When he took them to Quarter-finals.

“I think what is behind The importance of football for players, What determines many times that the step up is Group consistency and commitment to selection. I’m convinced that’s the case for these types of selections, if you ask me if it’s the same for selections like Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Germany or France of course not, But yes to those who are like Mexico; The Group consistency is critical To climb that lost stair, “he said in an interview with Fox Sports.

This is the case for the strategist, he says Mexico did not advance to the fifth game In seven editions of Globalism It might sound like a slump in soccer, however, other factors must be analyzed to determine why the desired pass into the quarters was not achieving.

“In the same way that seven World Cup tournaments stayed in the same place, There are seven World Cup tournaments remaining in the Round of 16 And we can see it as an interesting fact. From seeing that in seven World Cup finals they did not go to the fifth match We can say it is a stalemateHowever, it is necessary to analyze the different facts that can be produced Why is it difficult for Mexico to go to a certain place?“It is to explain.

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The letter to Paraguay

Martineau He highlighted that one of the mental functions he held was in Bayroujah It is precisely the positioning of the team in a role in which the achievement that has been attained is sufficient, and what happened in the future is considered a benefit.

I told these guys from Paraguay, let’s go into the rooms, Those who have a commitment in the rooms care more about us. Then, When I climbed that step, commitments started to change Because she is one of those who usually are. “

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