get up! Chucky Lozano’s cross slap to Raul Jimenez

get up!  Chucky Lozano’s cross slap to Raul Jimenez

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The mexican national team I have got suffered a draw before his counterpart from Canada, long after 1-1 is very entertaining, both of them Points were awarded to Azteca Stadium. In the middle of the game, a very strange picture Okay Absorbed by Chucky Lozano a slap In a confrontation Raul Jimenezaccidental.

Chucky Lozano was one of the More serious and engaging players From the Mexican group But also for those who angered them the mostWell, every time they screwed up and didn’t get a card, he’d go all out against the referee.

Chuck’s cross kick by Raul Jimenez

to run minute 53 From the party when it sounded Mexico would have received a penalty for it, well after Canadian goalkeeper giant bearEl Tri was expected to take the lead, a fact that did not happen.

behind the The referee’s decision not to score a penalty kick, The Chucky Lozano, who was affected in the aforementioned play, Run to face the referee He is asked to specify the maximum penalty, but between him Raul Jimenez’s face crossed him with his hand movements and gestures.

Jimenez was hit in the face And the pain did not subside, Because the effect was close and strong; Lozano turned half to see him And trying to rub it but his anger was over on the whistle.

The wolves football player rubbed his face, yeahHe noticed that he was laughing After seeing work with Chucky Lozano And everything was that way, because the game was resumed and as commented It ended in a 1-1 draw.

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Mexico Dropped to second place from octagonal final with 8 points, Matches the US but with a worse goal difference; Canada is third with 6 units.

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