Giants beat AC and they smell like champions

Giants beat AC and they smell like champions

Rachelson Peña waited for the best moment to avenge his former team. Peña (1-0), traded by Águilas Cibaeñas in mid-July of last year to Ramon Torres and archer Wendolyn Bautista, made seven innings from just three strikes and Gigantes del Cibao a 5-0 run, placing himself in the doors of the second title in his history .

In his noble mountain work, he walked twice and hit four.

Diluteers Jose Cicnero, on the eighth, and Jose – Jumbo – Diaz, on the ninth, completed the work.

Cuban Youner Negrin (0-1), who was attacked by 3 laps and 6 strokes, lost in 3 and 2/3 games. He gave a ticket and blew the breeze into three.

As a complement, Juan Francisco, Peter O’Brien and Jose Seri gave solo hurdles and Ronald Guzman a 5-4 hit for the Giants to place the agreed final in the top seven matches 3–1.

They also registered

After hitting Kelvin Gutierrez, Juan Francisco scored a home run between right and center to Negrine to put the Giants ahead to zero at the start of the fourth game.

The Cuban right-handed man later retired Moisés Sierra with an overpass to the right field, but Pete O’Brien imitated a “Giants Horse” and Homer solo hit another over the left field fence.

Richard Orena continued the party with two strokes to the left and led Carlos Paulino with one song from that group to score 3-0, a blow that ruled the exit of Negrin, who was replaced by Luis Castillo.

Dissatisfied with the feature, the Franco-Corisano team, led by Brian Peña, assistant to Louis Pape Urwita last night, added two more fifths at the expense of loyal Nabil Crismat.

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Jose Seri started the game with another teammate and Ronald Guzmán continued with an extended streak between the left and middle fields allowing him to run into second place, then later moved to third place on a skewed floor by Jose Coas, who replaced Karimat. Pete O’Brien took him to the board with a sacrifice flying to the right, knocking the Eagles out (5–0).

The three isolated plagues of the Eagles were linked by Juan Lagares, Rangel Ravello and Edmundo Sousa.

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