Gioia renovates its space and introduces new dishes

Gioia renovates its space and introduces new dishes

In a renovated space with greater light and freshness, Chef David Bonato wanted to add Joya, a restaurant located in Madrid, new dishes with nods to Japan and China. David also strives to be a pioneer in breaking the border between Italy and the East.

All these nuances of travel are recognized in the newly released Otsukaresama (from Japanese for “thank you for your great efforts”) list.. It starts with a smoky mouthful of fresh truffles with a creamy Piedmont-Rubiola cheese cream and shimeji on crunchy black rice from Venere’s Integrated Collection, Pure Woods. ‘Spaghettino’ mixed with burrata, red prawn bark, orange peel, basil and crustacean reduction also shows how bonato permeates raw materials from Spain. That’s why cubes of Mediterranean bluefin tuna soaked in soy sauce, ginger, and balsamic vinegar from Modena persist as a new Asian Mediterranean game, just like oysters from the Ebro delta marinated with tomato seeds from Sicily and rocoto aguachelles, cilantro and lime.

Follows ‘vitel toné’, which David takes on a spin with wagyu from Santa Rosalía made over low heat, diced with a wonderful light sauce of tuna, anchovies, capers and an aromatic touch of Crodino, a non-alcoholic bitter.

The truffle noodles are now somewhat thicker to enhance the texture of the whole and distinguish themselves from those restaurants that don’t work exclusively with handmade noodles.. It is served bare, complemented only by thin slices of freshly grated truffle, depending on the season, egg yolk and ‘casio neron’. The dumpling-style ‘cabletti’ is stuffed with Iberian ham, seasonal cream of mushrooms, and pak choy and topped with the aroma of Parmigiano Reggiano.

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Duck breast with Shaoxing rice wine, Piedmont hazelnuts and orange peel is a nod to the duck with oranges served every Sunday in the David family’s home. It accompanies a wine list that is increasingly filled with classic Italian references.

Goya also has another listing as a tribute to truffles. Classic dishes on the menu end with this tuber, such as the ‘uovo morbido’ (poached eggs wrapped in brown Venere rice flour, cream of potatoes, truffles, boletus and crispy Iberian ham), the aforementioned pasta or the premium 40-day-old beef tenderloin, cream truffle, Mashed potatoes, forest mushrooms and fresh truffles.

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