Gladys Gutierrez is one step away from being appointed Venezuela's ambassador to Spain

Gladys Gutierrez is one step away from being appointed Venezuela's ambassador to Spain

Gladys Maria Gutierrez Alvarado. Reuters/Manor Quintero

The Chavista Foreign Policy Committee of the Federal Legislative Palace unanimously approved on Thursday the appointment of former President of the Supreme Court Gladys Gutiérrez as Ambassador to Spain, where Coromoto Godoy was until her appointment as Deputy Minister for European Affairs. Last February.

Now they have to ratify the appointment to make his position official, which he already held from 2002 to 2005 representing the government of the late former president Hugo Chavez (1999-2013).

The committee's first vice-chair, Elenia Medina, suggested including “spreading the truth about Venezuela” on Gutierrez's diplomatic agenda on issues such as Essequibo, the region of about 160,000 square kilometers disputed with Guyana.

In addition, he suggested that the lawyer's work in the European country should also focus on making “efforts in the economic and consular field.”

For his part, Saul Ortega, a member of the committee, stressed the importance of caring for migrants “victims of the aggression against Venezuela,” while Nocelio Rodriguez, also a Chavista, expressed confidence that Gutierrez would know how to “defend” his country from “attacks launched by extremist sectors before Presidential elections in July.

Gutierrez, President of the Supreme Court of Justice between 2013 and 2017, served again from April 2022 until last January, when she was replaced by Judge Carisilia Rodriguez.

A graduate of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), the country's main university, Gutierrez majored in law and constitutional and political sciences at the Center for Political and Constitutional Studies (CEPC) of the Ministry of the Presidency, Justice and Relations with the Country. Spanish courts.

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She is also, according to her profile available on the website of the Supreme Court, a “researcher” at the “University Institute of International Studies of the Complutense University of Madrid,” without specifying the period during which she worked as such.

Gutierrez was sanctioned by the United States government in 2017.

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