Global website down due to Fastly server network problems

Global website down due to Fastly server network problems


London: Websites of important companies and media from around the world – even the British government and the White House – Stop working this morning to fall down On Quickly, A North American company that operates as a content distribution network and Supports applications and web pages.

While some Locations They attended download difficulties, others They did not allow navigation. At Fastly’s headquarters, located in San Francisco, they realized the problem after 7am (Argentine time) and confirmed that they were conducting a full investigation into what had happened.

Numerous affected portals included modes -between them Nation, The Guardian, CNN, The New York Times, Le Monde, BBC-. Also Amazon and even British government website and White House website.

What is Fastly, the company behind the worldwide website crash

“The problem has been identified and is being fixed”, They got Fastly, at 7.44. By 7.57, they reported it error resolved, But they cautioned about the possibility of customer experience Longer time to load content Until the services are fully restored.

“We have specified a service configuration that has been produced Interruptions in our pops Globally we have disabled this setting. Our global network is back online,” the company tweeted, just after 8am.

Christina Kirchner and the failed experiment

POP is an English acronym for Access Point, This is according to techopedia it’s a The point at which two or more communication networks or equipment are connected to each other. It generally refers to a physical location that, depending on that location, may include a Routerswitches, servers, and other devices for data communications.

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Fastly provides cloud computing capabilities, which is vital to many high-profile sites around the world Helps to store content – or with hidden-, In order to be closer to the users.

Agence France-Presse and the Associated Press

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