Goals of the Fulham and Manchester City match (0-4). video

Goals of the Fulham and Manchester City match (0-4).  video

aura Noel Gallagher paid Manchester city Towards supersonic victory in his visit to Fulham (0-4)Who couldn't avoid the team gallery Guardiolaleader two points above Arsenal And the beach has a hotly contested title that appears to be going their way.

As on many other occasions, although rarely outside the Etihad Stadium, Noel Gallagherthe main character of the Oasis group (courtesy of his brother Liam), took center stage in the stands A destitute house. He almost monopolized all the lights of the duel and gave a luster to the victory that was right He decided to play on the field thanks to a great match for Manchester City won by Gvardiol (double), Foden and Julian Alvarez..

Fulham were no match for him Manchester city. He never threatened the team's survival Pep Guardiola In his title fight with Arsenal. Already saved, with nothing at stake, the London team presented itself as an option for the men Mikel Arteta Who need a holeshot from the Nationals to win the race Premier League. That draw or that defeat they had been waiting for so much, that illusion, was tempered after the first ten minutes of the match.

he Manchester City is two points behind Arsenal With one game less, he had to face the easiest final of the three he played in a week. All against London teams, who certainly won't be too keen to help Arsenal: plus Fulham, Tottenham and West Ham They are waiting for City on their way to victory.

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Fulham only showed their face during the first part of the duel. He monopolized possession, handling the ball without the player practically touching it. city He gave the impression that he was able to surprise him or at least touch him. However, at that time, he generated nothing but control. And the cityas soon as he took the stick Fulhamput an end to any doubt.

After the 10th minute, the 'Citizens' grabbed the ball and never let go. They imposed the seal Guardiola at his best. He monopolized the party's prestige to the point of abuse, and victory was a matter of time. No one doubted it.

It was Gvardiol Whoever hit the target first became the Croatian defender as a regular in Manchester City's squad, an honor enjoyed by only a few names. barely Rodrigo, De Bruyne, Haaland A few others have a guaranteed presence in the eleven. The rest always have time on the bench.

Gvardiol, no. What's more, it doesn't make noise. He always delivers and against Fulham he appeared like a ghost, when no one expected him, to surprise on the left wing. wall with Debruyn It enabled him to enter Bernd Leno's territory. With his injured right foot, he crossed the ball in front of the German goalkeeper and raised the score to 0-1.

Your job Causing Noel Gallagher's first scream. The Oasis member would go on to give two more, and as they arrived, City were having fun. Special mention also for DebruynWho added his 111th assist to tie Cesc Fabregas In the historical position of second best passer. Ryan Giggs with 162It's far.

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The first action continued uneventfully for City, who still had two more chances with two shots Foden and Bernardo Silva Which was easily saved by Leno, as in the second half he was unable to avoid two more goals. Although his team almost equalized in their only option for the match with a penalty kick Rodrigo Moniz, and finally ended up kneeling.

He was FodenWith a cross shot with his right leg, he made it 0-2 with half an hour left. There the shock ended completely for him. FulhamWho still gets third place in the shoe GvardiolWho validated his wonderful game with a brace.

Noel Gallagher celebrated both with great enthusiasm. City's most famous fan enjoyed the victory mingling with his team's fans. Of course, rebellious as always, he left the picture of the day: he was the only one in the entire stands who did not turn around and jump with his back to the grass. And celebrate victory in another way.

He looked at the green man calmly, satisfied with his team's performance. He must have thought about the song that made him famous. oasis,'Super SonicAnd I would sing “I need to be myself, I can't be anyone else, I feel like I'm supersonic, give me a gin and a tonic” (I need to be myself, I can't be anyone else, I feel like I'm supersonic, Give me a gin and tonic.)

This is what you will feel Noel Gallagher Although the “Supersonic” party man wasn't him. This title has been taken before city Full. And above all, maybe it was Gvardiolwho gave up a penalty kick in the 96th minute to close what could have been a hat-trick.

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He preferred to give it to her Julian Alvarez secures overall goal difference for Arsenal (Still two points behind the Gunners). The Argentine scored city He snatched the lead and passed the hot potato to Arsenal, who cannot fail on Saturday at Old Trafford if they do not want to give their rivals the chance to be champions on Tuesday against Tottenham.

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