5 million to play eight games

5 million to play eight games

Caitlin Clark More history is about to be made: The talented player from the University of Iowa could become the first woman in basketball with a $5 million contract, if she accepts the proposal of the Big3 league owned by rapper Ice Cube.

cube An unprecedented offer to take over was put on the table Caitlin: $5 million to play 8 regular season games and possibly two playoff games. That's it: 10 games guaranteed to be worth $5 million.

“Caitlin is a generational athlete who can achieve tremendous success in the BIG3,” he previously said. cube On the social media network X, noting that the league has a history of breaking barriers with coaches like Nancy Lieberman And Lisa Leslie. “With our offer, Caitlin Clark He added: “It can make history and break more barriers to mathematics.” cube.

The BIG3 founder also believes his organization will be a better alternative for female players in WNBA Earn money in the off-season and not have to play “in shady and often questionable foreign countries,” according to his assessment.

“And they should have more than one career option in the United States at a time when American professional sports leagues are being infiltrated by authoritarian, misogynistic regimes like Qatar,” she said. “Our groundbreaking demonstration of Caitlin Clarke demonstrates that BIG3 now offers another option for female players.”

Highest paid player in WNBA Last year it was Jewell Lloyd Which earned about $600,000. The contract is expected Caitlin With the WNBA It would be 76,000 if he ends up being the first overall pick as projected.

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cube He confirms that his offer will be allowed Clark This rivalry combines with its presence in the WNBA but the latest information suggests otherwise. In any case, the player decided to put the decision in this regard aside and focus on the end of the season in the tournament. National Collegiate Athletic Association.

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