Goals of the match between Lyon and Rayados de Monterrey (2-0). video

Goals of the match between Lyon and Rayados de Monterrey (2-0).  video

Rayados have entered into a crisis, because although a few days ago they celebrated the Tigres equalized in the last minute at BBVABut the bad streak has been continuing since Saturday 2-0 with Lyon It reaches four matches without a win, three of which are defeats.

Tano Ortiz He expressed his great happiness with his team's reaction in the match Royal ClassicBut this weekend in Round 16, it left many doubts, because if it were not for the opponent's lack of strength, they would have received a crushing defeat.

What happened to Rayados?

The duel in terms of possession of the ball was equal, but in shots and dangerous plays, Leon had a lot, and with that they had life, It depends on what is happening with Pumas and Gallos, when they reached 23 points. While Rayados stagnated with 29 units.

In the first part, Gang It was preserved from the first, after HEctor Moreno Dangerous play was interrupted by Lyon, and a counter-attack came from Monterrey which miraculously did not end in a goal when it was only the 11th minute; Rodrigo Aguirre sent a long pass to the second post, and Germán Berteram was clearedBut he was unable to deliver the ball.

Lion Little by little, the process of possession of the ball and dangerous play began, and the goal fell in the 39th minute, with great play by the team players. Platano Alvarado, who stole the ball from Jordi Cortizo He passed the ball to Federico Viñas, Who won the duel? dark He shot before the exit of Esteban Andrada, who rejected it and unfortunately left it again for Vieira, who scored 1-0 with the second shot.

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Monterrey did not react at all, and so they went to the end of the first half, and in the second half it was the same movie and this led them to concede 2-0 at 47 minutes, when Viñas surrendered almost on the border to Adonis Frias, who got his marker and on the rebound passed to Angel Mina.Who shot a cross into the area from the right side for Andrada to shoot.

Leon continued to insist and saved the post at 59 minutes from Monterrey from an Edgar Guerra shot; However, Tanu gave play to Brandon Vasquez This changed the face of the royal attack, as the danger with it was greater than with it Rodrigo Aguirre.

Unfortunately for Rayados, they stopped him Shots on Brandon and Monterey didn't break The zero he had on the scoreboard.

Now, Monterrey will have to focus on another tournament this week, as they visit Monterrey on Wednesday Columbus Crew in the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions Cup semi-finals.

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