Going to space is no longer a dream! NASA prepares for civilian flights in 2022

Going to space is no longer a dream!  NASA prepares for civilian flights in 2022

A small step for man, but a big step for space tourism. The dream of space travel is no longer just a simple dream.

And it’s no joke backwards for April Fools’ Day, lNASA has announced its planned space missions for 2022 and in The list is space tourism.

Space flights with civilians are becoming a reality.

2022 will start in full swing since then in january This year’s first space mission will be carried out, which It will be for tourism purposes. This is a project between NASA and the Axiom Space to bring civilians to the International Space Station.

The space agency’s plan consists of Take these special cruises every 7 months.

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In the long run, the idea is that the cost of this type of trip goes down can Increase the number of people who can access this service.

Space exploration continues.

Clearly, NASA’s plans are not limited to tourism. It also aims to study our neighbors in the solar system.

The most ambitious project of 2022 is called “spirit” who aims Put yourself in the orbits of Mars and JupiterTo study the surface of these two planets.

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