Goodbye “Hui”: After kissing with an actor and “affair” with a producer, the driver leaves Televisa

Goodbye “Hui”: After kissing with an actor and “affair” with a producer, the driver leaves Televisa

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Mexico City. – Driver Today’s programAnd the Raoul Arizahabout whether Will you pay a fine or not? To advertise an entire political party electoral ban In Mexico, however, before talking about more, he escaped from Televisa.

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And he’s the “Negro”, who’s been on the air for 14 years Today He is one of the pampered ones, he was from Celebrities and influencers designated to promote green environment political party In the past elections June 2021.

Areza sparked controversy on all the occasions he participated in Mokbel with fellow actors and leaders how Lisardo, Paul Stanley, George “Alboro” Van Rankin as well as the actor Julio Bracho. The last in a TV series.

In addition, entertainment journalist Alex Cavey revealed last week that Ariza had an affair with his boss in the morning, Producer Andrea Rodriguez. Neither of them commented on that.

The TV producer assumes that the “Negro” (i.e. Raoul Arizah) has already eaten lunch.”

After these scandals, the driver was implicated in another that happened last year, because after it emerged that the celebrities who participated in this political promotion in the middle of the election ban could pay A fine of up to 133 thousand pesosHe himself explained everything.

Although I was in a hurry yet Leave the forums Today Ariza denied this Tuesday his knowledge of a fine. Outside of Televisa, he said:

No, no, no, in my case I did not receive anything, normal, nothing, nothing (notification).”

Nevertheless, he said that he was ready to cooperate with the authorities if necessary, although he did not want to talk much about it: “I think that everyone will have to settle their personal case, I think, but no, but calmly.”

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He added, “I’ve been quiet for 13 years, which is to say I’ve been a part of and a fighter…speaking for myself, so no, calm friends.”

Before leaving the scene a minute later, Raul joked that his partner Jorge El Borro Van Rankin It will get him out of trouble if he is in financial trouble.

Let Boro go and get him out,” he said when he heard that they imagined he was collecting money to pay the fine.

The list published by the National Electoral Institute includes about 76 famous personalities, as well as a group of 50 influential people who must pay a fine for their conduct.

Source: Edén Dorantes, Agencia México’s YouTube channel, Instagram @negroaraiza

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