Jim Carrey lashes out at Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock: “It’s disgusting to me”

Jim Carrey lashes out at Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock: “It’s disgusting to me”

94th Academy Awards Ceremony One of the most controversial festivals in history Will Smith slapped Chris Rock.

Oscar winner for Best Actor The comedian lost his temper when he teased his wife Jada Smith. Noted that it will appear in the next installment ‘G.I. Jane ‘ Due to his baldness, however, what Rock is unaware that Jada suffers from alopecia, which is why Will is angry.

Since then, Smith was the target of criticism for his violent reaction. But some have become much stronger Like Jim Carrey, the scene gave him “disgust” and branded Oscar audiences “cowards”.

Jim Carrey slaps Will Smith in the face: “Cowards”

Through an interview CBS this morning, Jim Carrey The actor rejected the applause he received when he was named ‘Best Actor’ For his performance in the filmKing Richard‘.

“That applause, people on their feet, It’s frustrating to me. Hollywood is a Cowards cross way This seems to be the final sign that we no longer have a cool kids club. That insult It will last a very long time. If you want, shout from the seats and show your displeasure or say something on Twitter, but You have no right to hit someone on stage for saying something you do not like”, He revealed.

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Jim Carrey also criticizes Chris Rock

Similarly, Gary Chris criticized the rock Do not take legal action Against Will Smith, Because the actor believes it He did it to preserve all the documents. Also, he noted If he had, he would have sued Smith for at least $ 200 million:

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“I would have announced my intention to sue Will for $ 200 million because that video will always be there, and it will be everywhere.”Done.

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