Govt-19: Hancock to reveal what the different parts of the UK will look like political news

Govt-19: Hancock to reveal what the different parts of the UK will look like  political news

Millions of people are facing severe new COVID restrictions as the government introduces a stratification system in the UK, which will be as severe as the national lockout for much of the country.

Boris Johnson is facing a pernicious insurgency by dozens of Conservative MPs who are vehemently opposed to their constituencies being placed under drastic Tier 3 measures from next week.

The government has demanded an impact assessment of senior Tory MPs Layer structure And publish an analysis of its health, economic and social impacts.

Quick test available for layer 3 areas, Army assists

In a move aimed at winning the support of wandering MPs, the Prime Minister has promised that the allotments announced by Mr Hancock will be reviewed on Wednesday, December 16th.

This means that areas where the spread of the disease is declining over the next few weeks could be moved to one layer a week before deregulation for Christmas on December 23rd.

If their cities are placed in Tier 3 from senior local leaders, including London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Andy Burnham of Greater Manchester, the Prime Minister could face a severe setback.

But to soften the blow, the government promises that areas in the upper tier can get a quick result COVID-19 Tests, with the help of the military, help reduce epidemics, as well as cash subsidies.

Ministers in the government’s Govt. Executive committee will hold an evening meeting to determine which layers all parts of the UK will be in, before Secretary – General Matt Hankok announces publicly.

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After the meeting, which was attended by Mr Johnson, Mr Hancock, Cabinet Office Minister Michael Cove and Treasury Minister John Glenn, Sky circles suggested that London could be in Tier 2, on behalf of President Rishi Sunak.

Mr Khan, speaking to Sky News, said in a statement that the capital would be “under all tiers”.

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Is the layout system practical?

According to Conservative lawmakers, there was a strong indication from the Prime Minister that Liverpool – formerly in Tier 3 – would be in Tier 2 this time, while Greater Manchester could be placed in Tier 3.

Mr Johnson told Tory MPs in a 1922 Conservative backbench zoom call that Liverpool’s mass test was “far better than Manchester”.

Earlier in the day, Mr Burnham told a news conference that Greater Manchester was subject to a Tier 3 restriction.

Ahead of his statement, Mr Hancock said: “Thanks to the hard work and sacrifice made by the people up and down the country, we are able to break free from national locks and move towards targeted local, restricted controls.

“I know this will be a very difficult time for those of you facing Tier 3 restrictions, but I would like to make sure we support your areas with mass community testing and additional funding.

“By following the rules together we can get out of these drastic measures.”

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The virus says ‘it doesn’t look like Christmas’
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In line with the measures outlined in the Prime Minister’s Govt – 19 winter plan released on Monday, it is expected that every local authority in the UK will set up the lower tier Mr Hank.

The layers have been tightened since they were in effect from October 14 to November 5, and many more areas will be placed on top layers in an effort to reduce infection rates.

The government says the decision on the plot was made by ministers based on the recommendations of government scientists and doctors:

  • Infection rate in all ages, especially those over 60 years of age
  • How quickly case rates rise or fall
  • Number of cases per 100,000 in the general population
  • Pressure on the NHS – including current and planned NHS capacity, including enrollment, bed facilities and staff shortages
  • Local factors and exceptional circumstances such as a local eruption

With a quick check, the government is also pledging extra money for areas placed in Tier 2 and Tier 3, aimed at marking opposition from local government leaders.

The Control Explosion Management Fund will be extended to recognize the ongoing public health and explosion management costs in dealing with COVID-19, and to provide monthly payments to local authorities facing more restrictions until the end of the fiscal year.

For those officers in Tier 3, this fund will be £ 4 per head per month, and for those in Tier 2, it will be 2 per population per month.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Khan dismissed calls from Conservative MPs from the suburbs of the capital for parts of London with lower infection rates.

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“We only have one metropolitan police service to do the enforcement,” he said. “You can’t have different enforcement rules for different parts of the metropolis.

“We have only one transport for the London service in different parts of the metropolis – buses, pipes, trams, overground.

“Frustrated like me, we do not want to do the criteria for Tier 1, I want to do that, but it is clear that we are nowhere near Tier 3.”

Earlier, at his news conference, Mr Burnham said: “We do not know what layer we will be on. We have not been informed yet.

“Tier 3, in my view, is very punitive for hospitality, and can be very difficult in downtown areas, especially when we go at Christmas and New Year.”

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