Govt-Positive MP Margaret Ferrier apologizes for visiting Parliament

Govt-Positive MP  Margaret Ferrier apologizes for visiting Parliament

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Rutherlen and Hamilton West MPs speak at a public forum before returning to Scotland unwell

Despite Govt experiencing symptoms, he was a SNP MP for traveling to Westminster. Apologized – and traveled home after getting a positive result.

Rutherford and Hamilton West MP Margaret Ferrier said, “There is no reason for my actions.”

He said he took a test on Saturday – but traveled to Westminster on Monday because he feels “very well”.

Ms. Ferrier received a positive test result the same day and then took a train to Scotland on Tuesday.

The MP said he had informed the police and expressed deep regret for his action.

Ms. Ferrier said she came for the weekend test after experiencing “mild symptoms”, but traveled to London by train at the beginning of the work week.

Speaking at a corona virus debate in a public forum on Monday, he said he had received a positive test result that evening.

“I traveled home by train on Tuesday morning without consulting. This is also wrong, I’m sorry,” he said.

“I’ve been isolating myself at home ever since.”

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Media headlineMargaret Ferrier speaks in public while waiting for the test results

SNP did not remove the whip from Ms. Ferrier, who is awaiting police investigation.

It is understood the chief spoke to her today, and it was made clear that he had “humbled himself.”

‘Dangerous and Shame’

Labor MP Ian Murray said Ms. Ferrier should face disciplinary action for her “astonishing irresponsibility.”

“He has put passengers, train staff, fellow MPs, Commons staff and many others at an unacceptable risk,” he said.

“Twice breaking the rules is unforgivable and underestimating all the sacrifices made by his members.”

The train drivers’ association described Aslef’s actions as “dangerous and disgraceful”.

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