Grupo Firme: Whatever weight Edwin Caz lost, what did he do to stay in shape? before and after | Pictures

Grupo Firme: Whatever weight Edwin Caz lost, what did he do to stay in shape?  before and after |  Pictures

During his artistic career Edwin Kaze Characterized by keeping the public close to his intimate life, he constantly uploads posts to his site social networks who is accompanied by his family, in addition to partying with his friends and also sharing his efforts to keep healthy lifestyle In an environment full of excesses and nightlife.

young man from 27 years Old a few months ago Promise Take care And he entered the challenge that his friend implements Beto SierraThe Mexican coach and Effect It helps many people including celebrities live a healthier life through routine and nutrition.

Fans of both artists were thrilled with this collaboration, Edwin He posted his strenuous exercise routine and on some occasions what struggled with him being unable to eat some snacks like his colleagues. fixed group, because he explained during the tours that he struggled to keep his food schedules.

But after a month of exercise And diet I managed to lose 15 kiloThe great achievement was posted on his official accounts and he unleashed countless good comments and congratulations from his fans and himself. Beto Sierra.

In the pictures you can see the obvious change, in addition to the artist from Culiacan, Sinaloa I stopped eating certain foods for a while, including alcoholic beverages.

“If you can, you can. The rhythm of life I live in in these literal moments is that I don’t have time for anything. The truth is I’d like to invite you to try and change your lifestyle a little bit. On weekends I’d take up to 6 in each of them.” Event Even so, my way of eating can be changed a bit Playing sportsHe wrote in one of his photos where he invited his fans to join in and have a good routine.

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At 30 he had a big change. Tweet embed

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