Guanapo Mayor Angel Perez arrested by FBI for public corruption

Guanapo Mayor Angel Perez arrested by FBI for public corruption

Carolina – The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI in English) passed two new arrests this morning for public corruption, including the mayor of Guanapo, Angel Perez, He knows New day.

Perez was arrested at his home in Guaynabo, according to media reports.

FBI Spokesman in Puerto Rico Lime Cruise Rubio, Confirmed the arrests and announced that a press conference would be held at 11:00 a.m. to expand the details.

“The FBI confirms that two arrest warrants have been issued this morning, one against Guanapo’s Mayor Angel Perez.”Said Cruz Rubio.

The newspaper repeatedly called Perez’s press correspondent Betsy Rivera and secretary of the New Progressive Party (PNP) Carmelo Rios, but the calls were not answered.

Perez, who took over the municipal seat of Guanapo after the resignation of Hector O’Neill, is also chairman of the Federation of Mayors, which unites all members of the PNP.

When, The second person arrested was Radamese Benitez, a special aide to Jose Luis Cruz, the mayor of Trujillo Aldo.

“It’s a surprise to me, a lot of pain, I have no words. I ran into this …. hard. Difficult,” the mayor said in a radio interview (WKAQ 580AM).

Federal agencies in the Los Aldos del Escorial urbanization in Carolina. (Canceled by Alex Figueroa)

New day It is learned that the move is related to the documents sealed yesterday on the contract agreement of the contractors regarding corruption. Oscar Santamaria And Raymond Rodriguez.

Santamaría was head of the waste collection, Villegas-Vargas and Rodriguez were the owners of JR Asphalt Inc. Both companies are involved in a project. Government corruption, Bribery and Kickback (Or illegal commissions) which was a fundamental piece.

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Both the former officer and the contractor pleaded guilty to the charges against them.

proof’s New day They pointed out that the purpose of the federal prosecutor’s office in this case was not only against Delcado Montalvo, but also against five other mayors and former mayors who allegedly paid bribes or agreed to award illegal contracts with a waste collection company.

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