Guarania, from tomorrow, has a space in NPY

Guarania, from tomorrow, has a space in NPY

In the first semester Paraguay flowers, Genesis; The format, to be directed by singer Ricardo Felicia, will receive Maestro Luis Sazran as a speaker. When looking at the beginnings of the Guaranía, you’ll delve into the personality of José Asunción Flores, such as his origin, musical training, ethics, commitment, and legacy, among other aspects.

During the program, you can also enjoy the interpretation of various songs of this genre, by Flecha, accompanied by Oscar Fadlala, on piano, and Gabriel Colmán on guitar. Topics like KerasyAnd the ParaguayAnd the KatieAnd the Vineyard, Among others.

Course. The course, which will be broadcast every Sunday in January, will provide the possibility to understand the dimensions of the Guaranía, from four different moments in its development, which will be taken up one by one during the four broadcasts.

After the first chapter to be broadcast next Sunday at 17, the second installment was called Guaranía grows infinitelyWith the participation of Anibal Cardozo Ocampo and Osvaldo Kudas. the third part Where guarana grows It can be watched on January 24 and will feature a collaboration with Jose Antonio Galliano, while in the fourth and final episode, which will be broadcast on the last day of the month, Guarana: a dream of complicityHugo Ferrera will attend.

civilization. Produced by Techi Cusmanich and singer Ricardo Flecha. Guarani planting It is a project awarded by Fondec, that aims to protect, spread, and empower gender. The proposal of cultural significance was announced by the National Secretariat for Culture (SNC) and the municipal interest by the Asunción Municipal Council.

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It is also supported by the Aporocanto Cultural Association, the Association for the Management of Artists, Interpreters and Comrades (AIE), the General Directorate of Culture and Tourism of the Asunción Municipality, the Ignacio a Bany Municipal Theater, the Cultural Center de la República El Cabildo, Spirit and Sound Studios, Hotel del Lago and systems Data, GAW and others.

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