Guatemala announces action in the Motagua River after a warning from Honduras

Guatemala announces action in the Motagua River after a warning from Honduras


the Guatemalan government This Tuesday, it announced that it would be implemented Comprehensive solutions to reduce pollution of water sources, especially the Motagua River, which passes through 14 out of 22 provinces in the country and whose coasts are inundated with tons of rubbish Honduras.

the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Marn indicated in a press release on Tuesday that it will implement several measures List of integrated management of waste and solid waste, which was recently published, to address the source of pollution and to treat its water resources.

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The Environmental Portfolio realized that one of the tributaries affected by improper management of solid waste is Motagua River, which contains a basin 486 km For a long time and some benefit their ecosystems 8 million people.

The same source said that the regulation of the integrated management of waste and solid waste sets technical, environmental and health standards to avoid deterioration of the environment, reduce pollution and improve the health of the inhabitants of the Guatemalan lands.

the Ministry of Environment and Natural ResourcesHe explained that coordination will be made with local municipalities to develop plans for integrated waste management, in addition to directives on the state’s general policies and to verify the achievement of goals.

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The Deputy Environment Minister, Angel Lavarida, called on the mayors and municipalities to be responsible for the proper management of solid waste, water and wastewater, as the municipalities are responsible for the collection and treatment of waste.

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According to the official, the work for the Motagua River includes the campaign.Do your part, no more trash‘, in order to eliminate the landfills and landfills of illegal waste they have collected 1.867,8 Tons of solid waste.

Lavareda pointed out that there is a technical council for the Motagua River through which the issue of pollution is taken care of.

Honduran warning

Mayor of the Caribbean Honduras On Monday, he warned that they would direct condemnation with other nearby council members Guatemala Internationally, through Serious environmental damage That Motagua River still causes them.

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Although both countries have been searching for a solution for years to prevent tons of all kinds of garbage from flooding the coasts of Honduras adjacent to it. Guatemala, this is the case in the municipality UmuDamage continues.

Ricardo Alvarado, mayor Umu, In section cutsHe told reporters on Monday that in the 11 years he’s been the highest authority in that municipality, the environmental damage hasn’t stopped.

He added that the damage between January and June was less, but when the rainy season begins in Guatemala, “the damage is serious.”

In his view, Guatemala, despite the numerous meetings held by the environmental authorities of the two countries, does not comply with the obligations it undertakes to avoid “Severe damage that cannot be recovered until before the damage“That’s a reason for Honduras.

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Faced with the situation, Alvarado indicated that the time had come.End this matterAnd he’s talking to other mayors in the Commonwealth of Honduras Bay Municipalities To denounce Guatemala at the international level for the “damage to the ecosystem.”

“This damage is irreparable, it is a terrible environmental damage,” the mayor of Omoa stressed, adding that Costa Rica had offered them to help condemn Guatemala for the high environmental pollution caused by the Motagua River. EFE

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