Guatemala’s Little Victory over Puerto Rico –

Guatemala’s Little Victory over Puerto Rico –

Guatemala City. Unconvinced In performance, the Guatemalan national team scored a 1-0 victory over Puerto Rico (179 in the FIFA classification) in a pre-season match played Friday night at Doroteo Guamuch Flores Stadium.

Bicolour’s coach, Amarini Filatoro, sought to fill the midfield with a 1-3-5-1-1 system, through which he sought a joint match to damage the Caribbean region, which focused on defending itself with order and pressure. Offensive chapels.

From the start, Guatemala kept the ball, but failed to guarantee it, lacking the courage to face a one-on-one. Except for some sparks from newcomer Nicholas Reitmer, who sought confrontation and positioning, but lacked precision.

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Without major tactical variants to dodge the lofty defensive fence of visitors, the resource of long-distance shots was the only way to find the opponent’s goal, with Rittmire’s front shot being the closest to open the scoring.

The situation continued until the 45th minute, when a Christopher Ramirez cross collided with goalkeeper Cody Lorindy. This was the most dangerous thing that Bicolor could generate in the first half.

In a supplementary phase, Villatoro sent Pablo Aguilar and Marvin Ceballos to court, who sought to change Bicolor’s face in the attack.

For his part, the Puerto Rican coach took advantage early on to give key players minutes of play to four of his usual substitutes. This rendered the Puerto Ricans disorganized in defense, a position the Guatemalans exploited.

Thus, a cross from Ceballos, from a free kick, was anticipated by Darwin Lum, who anticipated and with a powerful blow to the head he nailed the ball into the corner of goalkeeper Laurendi, who just flew to take the photo. Wonderful goal in the 66th minute.

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The next minute, the national coach knocked out Lum and sent José Carlos Martinez, who still looked like a fighter with goal in bicolour, even though he only got help to push it down the net, but his style of finishing the match wasn’t the 81st minute.

After the goal, Guatemala seemed to be content with winning the bare minimum and did not take advantage of the fact that fitness was starting to affect the Puerto Ricans, as they played Tuesday in Santo Domingo against the Dominican Republic (0-1).

In this way, Guatemala was not persuaded, with futile dominance and without great ambition, and left many doubts two months after its launch in CONCACAF World Cup 2022 qualifiers.

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