Guitarreño says on his return to WAPA that he has passed the test of God

Guitarreño says on his return to WAPA that he has passed the test of God

Puerto Rican comedian Alfonso Alemán, known for his character “El Guitarreño” on WAPA TV, will be returning today for “Pégate al Mediodía” on that channel, but it was this morning at Noticentro Al Amanecer where he was received. On the voice of “Llegó Dad”.

Alemann was absent from December 14 after that It requires surgery when having an accident While doing home repair work. The artist suffered a deep tear in his right eye. At one point he thought he would lose his eye.

“You trust yourself and this is where we go wrong … We think we are Superman,” Alemann said in an interview with “Noticentro al Amanecer”.

For Alemann, his recovery period after the accident was “a test of God and I overcame it,” as he quoted Abraham’s story in the Bible and showed the effect of the accident on his eyes.

The artist also took the opportunity to thank his wife, who was by his side during the ordeals.

“God is great. Do you know what will catch your attention?”

El Guitarreño said he’s keen to return to “Pégate al Mediodía” where he has a clip in which he interacts with politicians from the yard.

Noticentro will present a special 4-day series about the Alemán accident and how the artist’s recovery was like.

The special series, which will air on WAPA and Wapa América, includes many interviews with experts and family members who helped him with his rehabilitation process. Journalist Yesenia Torres spoke with retina physician and surgeon Andres Emanuele, who is leading her treatment. Also with Dr. Paula Repollo, an ophthalmologist at the campus of medical sciences, who was in charge of treating him after the emergency.

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For his part, Jorge Gilby Pagan interviewed Dr. Andres Manato, his family doctor, who immediately referred him to visual health experts upon seeing what happened.

Journalist Silymar Adams will present the family influence of the event. Interviews with his wife Margie, as well as executive producers of Pégate al Mediodía Gilda Santini and Sunshine Logroño, will let viewers know in detail what happened, how the emergency was handled and their impressions. Likewise, they will provide you with information about the recovery process and next steps for your treatment in preparation for your return to screen.

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