The stones at Casa Ñanderekó: this is a space that re-evaluates our identity – general information

The stones at Casa Ñanderekó: this is a space that re-evaluates our identity – general information

Carnival and Shamami were present at the weekend with the opening of Ñanderekó House, the translation center for both popular festivals. Deputy Governor Gustavo Canteros visited the Corrientes Carnival exhibition at Space Facilities where she will meet representations of Corrientes Expressionists.

Cantius, received by the director of the translation center, Francisco Benitez, celebrated the opening of the venue in the middle of the Carnival weekend. “With the opening of Casa Ñanderekó, the provincial government has ratified its commitment to Chamamé and the Carnival, allowing a place where its characteristics can be permanently seen through specimens and exhibitions,” said the district chief.

Caneros, who congratulated Benítez for his work, explained that Casa Onanderico “re-evaluates our identity and culture by displaying various elements, such as photographs, model costumes, music and more”. For his part, the Director of the Interpretation Center affirmed that “it is a pride for us to have a place where we can express and embody the emotion that unites the two parties.”

The staff at the venue consists of the participants and makers of the carnival as well as Shamami, who will be responsible for drafting the proposals that are developed there. “The intention is for the center to operate dynamically, in coordination with specific actions, such as the upcoming opening of an exhibition in honor of chamamecero, as well as with those that can be gathered from other sectors or organizations,” Benitez emphasized.

Natalia Rodriguez, Senate Coordinator also Culture, which was also part of the tour, noted that “from the Senate Cultural District, we will be making contributions to Casa Ñanderekó, reinforcing the Vice Governor’s commitment with such important expressions of our culture”.

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