Gustavo Adolfo confirms that he saw Barbara de Regel in an uncomfortable state

Gustavo Adolfo confirms that he saw Barbara de Regel in an uncomfortable state

In recent weeks the actress Barbara de Regel Has participated in Controversy And this is after she herself posted a video showing that she was giving The head butt of his motherThe criticism against him did not stop.

However, he now appears to be embroiled in a new scandal, as a driver Gustavo Adolfo Infante He confirms that, on some occasions, he saw the protagonist Rosario scissors Under Other influences level.

Infante made this statement on the program Sale of El SoFor; And after the ownersJoanna Vega Bistro and Anna Maria Alvarado They will make sure that Rigel is upset with them, because he complained about the way in which they criticized the close relationship between him and his mother, to which the journalist replied that he did not say anything to him, because they did not talk about him. Years.

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But that wasn’t all, it also revealed that the problem between the two arose several years ago, when the influencer also arrived.It was very uncomfortable. “ To the take a picture: “I ran the TV magazine for Project Excelsior and invited Barbara to do a photo shoot. Reached the top, Dr. * Jada and others.”The driver said.

This caused a strong problem that ended with the lack of communication between the journalist and the actress: “The photo session was canceled and I became very angry with it and since then we have not spoken to each other.” Added. Finally, he said very calmly not to maintain any kind of relationship with him “Lady headbutt”, As he baptized: “He’s not talking to me, and he looks better this way; every monkey has his snapsE, “he concluded.

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Actress Barbara de Regel

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