Harden digs into Durant's wound

Harden digs into Durant's wound

Alumni reunions are not always a reason for joy. There could have been, in that past to which not everyone wants to return, moments of the utmost happiness and loyalty that have been preserved over time.. Great memories too. But, of course, the other side is always there: old grudges, unresolved problems, or things no one has ever said, but people have always wanted to say. One way or another, no one knows where James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and Kevin Durant fall among all these options. Two guys who went together in much-rearward times in the Thunder, and went up with them (and lost 4-1) in the 2012 Finals. Beard He appeared as a scapegoat for that defeat, as he showed poor performance and went out at night in Florida clubs during. Years later, as established stars, they met again briefly in the net. And there he stayed.

Mutual respect and friendliness seems to be the motto of the relationship between both players, separated by generations and already facing the final stage of two legendary careers, But it gives the feeling of falling by the wayside. It is the common denominator between the two, and it is the common denominator that joins Russell Westbrook, who is also in the equation and who is living in the Clippers, his third adventure with Harden after coinciding with him in the Thunder (of course) and the Rockets. There the three met, in a small but familiar space, on the basketball court that was and still is the center of their relationship. That's what great stories are about, that sometimes the beginning and the end come together. Here these three genres meet: in the conclusion, No matter how long it takes and if it's not accompanied by a ring, it will be the remarkable story of three men who could have been… Much more.

The Clippers defeated the Suns (138-111) in a game that came out in the fourth quarter (37-20). And forget the loss to the Lakers, as well as making the massive wound in Arizona's franchise even bigger, a wound that has already begun to bleed in a way so embarrassing that no kind of containment can be achieved, beyond what might happen with Frank Vogel, a good coach when he has the parts you need. Harden had a very good game, scoring 19 points, 7 rebounds, and 10 assists. Kawhi Leonard had 17, with 5 steals. Paul George 25, with 4 off 9 in three overs. Terrence Mann came on at 14, the same age as Norman Powell off the bench. Ivica Zubac added 19 points and 8 rebounds. While Westbrook, despite playing only 15 minutes, produced: 9 points and 7 assists. Great teamwork from Tyronn Lue's team, which was recently praised by LeBron James, who is considered the creator of this improvement, and the Clippers' level stabilized in fourth place in the Western Conference. And more than that deservedly.

The situation contrasts, of course, with that of the sun. An entity, a team with an idea The big three With Bradley Beal he remained at this level (he played 12 matches and a very irregular level), In a simple idea. In which there is no room for more. Nor does it seem to be the case with regard to the desire of Kevin Durant, who reached 30 points but only two points in the fourth quarter and continues to show his discomfort with idling and crowding around the court, who knows, to explain his disagreement. The truth is that he has already left many places suddenly (Thunder, Warriors, Nets…) and that his reputation has suffered as he has gotten older. Devin Booker is not prepared for this situation (20 points, 5 assists) and falls behind other stars of his generation for precisely this reason. The Sun, who have enjoyed seven straight wins, now have three straight defeats and are once again in that part of the table where no one wants to be. Between the qualifiers and Play in it. In nobody's crops. And very far from where they should be. This is the most painful thing.

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