He also won the best royalty since 2006 over the Clippers

He also won the best royalty since 2006 over the Clippers

How is Sacramento and how is Diaron Fox doing? Those in the California capital have won seven of their last eight matches, something they haven’t done since 2006. In such a streak, the average point guard is 27 points and 7.8 assists. Last night, with 37 star points Point guard, Defeated the Clippers at Staples Center 110-113.

Kings not only win, but they do so before important competitors. In this positive dynamic they overcame Toronto, New Orleans, Boston, Denver, and now the Clippers. He must be satisfied, and Fox expresses it after setting himself in a positive balance (12-11) by defeating Angelenos.

“We are playing well in defense. It is the most important part of what we do now. We knew we could score with any player. When we needed to stop them, we succeeded. If we can stay focused on our defense and take a few losses, then we can always have a chance to win.” “.

With regard to the development of the party, equality prevailed. The Clippers scored a maximum income point in the second quarter and the Kings reached nine in the third quarter. By the time the latter period began, the scoreboard reflected an 80-79 tightness in favor of locals. Sacramento performed best in the decisive moment to climb three times (108-111) with just over 30 seconds to play. Lou Williams and Nicholas Batum sought a draw from the three-point streak. They both fail. Victory went to kings.

After Fox, Sacramento’s best player was Buddy Hield with 22 points and Ritchon Holmes double doubled from 12 points and 10 rebounds. Nor can we leave Therese Halliburton behind, who would have had 13 points and 6 assists from the bench, including two hat-tricks in the fourth quarter.

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Tired of clippers?

Tyronn Lue’s boys have lost three of their last four matches (the last two games excluding injured Paul George). In front of the Kings they gave a great performance from their second unit, which outperformed their competitors 57-30. That was not enough. Lou Williams was the tournament’s top scorer with 23 points and Cowhi Leonard scored twice, 20 points and 10 rebounds. In response to a question from the meeting, Coach Who clippers think there’s stress on the list. “My inspiration was a bit tired. The boys’ legs were a little tired, and they couldn’t hit the ball. Our titles didn’t have much gas.”

Waiting for George

Paul George missed his second match in a row due to a swollen bone on his right toe. The Californian franchise still doesn’t give a specific timeline for his return, so we’ll have to wait to see when he’ll be ready to return. Once the swelling in the affected area disappears, the player’s condition will become better known. “He’s a little disappointed, especially the way he was playing,” says Lue.

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