He has surpassed the king! Stephen Curry outperforms LeBron James in this particular department

He has surpassed the king!  Stephen Curry outperforms LeBron James in this particular department

golden state warriors player, Stephen CurryHe reached an important stage when he became the player with the highest jersey sales in the NBA. Outpacing all the stars in the league, Curry was able to position himself as the leader in popularity of his jerseys, closely followed by other notable players.

According to NBA sources, the jerseys Stephen Curry They outperformed all other superstars in the league, cementing him as the most popular player in terms of official merchandise. This feat is a testament to the lasting impact Curry has had on professional basketball, as well as his influence on sports culture around the world.

Stephen Curry's impact on the NBA

legacy Stephen Curry In the NBA it's undeniable. With accomplishments such as becoming the Golden State Warriors' all-time leading scorer, as well as becoming the second-highest three-point scorer in the NBA, Curry left an indelible mark on the game of basketball. His impact goes beyond titles, to include his impact on the game and the legacy he left throughout his career. The teams followed the trend imposed by the Warriors, who would not have been the same without Curry in their ranks.

Other prominent players in t-shirt sales

In the back of Stephen Curryboston celtics player, Jayson Tatum, ranks second in jersey sales in the NBA. Follow closely LeBron James, one of the most influential figures in modern basketball history. In fourth and fifth places Victor Wembanyama And Giannis Antetokounmporespectively, thus completing the top five best-selling jerseys in the league.

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