“He said I was fat, it took me to the limit.”

“He said I was fat, it took me to the limit.”

Former Basketball Player from Girona Marta Zargay He revealed in an interview with El País that he suffers from bulimia (eating disorders) and orthorexia (a psychological disorder that becomes obsessed with healthy eating) due to the difficult relationship he has with him. Lucas Mondello, refused last Friday on behalf of Spanish basketball coach For “failure to achieve sporting goals,” according to a statement by the federation.

complaints Xargay It was to be posted before Olympic GamesBut the former player agreed to the request of the President of the Federation, Jorge Garbagosa From postponing it so as not to interfere with the competition, and now once the Olympic event has ended with the quarter-final selection canceled, his statements have come to light.

Put the person first

“The time came when I had to put the person in front of the athlete. I couldn’t continue to put up with unacceptable things. There are boundaries that must not be crossed and he has taken me too far. It’s hard. I’ve had so many problems with food because of this person” In a conversation with El País, the 30-year-old former international, who temporarily quit basketball in May 2020 to take a period of reflection, confirms, But he confirmed his withdrawal on July 15.Xargay, one of the players who was part of women’s basketball’s golden generation and was an Olympic silver medalist in Rio, explains that the problems with Mondello Began its stage in Russia, in the ranks Dynamo Kursk Where the L’Hospitalet coach was. They weighed us in every week and he was always behind watching everything. There were several situations, in team gatherings, that he approached Sonia Petrovich And he told us we didn’t have candy because we were fat.” Xargay.

Insecurity as a person

“At the time I weighed 67 kilograms and was 1.82 meters tall. I was physically fine, but this made me very insecure, both on and off the track. I was constantly telling myself that I had lost weight. A physical and mental revolution,” the Girona athlete adds to reveal that he has become obsessed with the issue of food. Or he was diagnosed with bulimia and orthopedic.

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“I say it because I think I can help many girls who are going through the same thing. We are all at risk, but it can be overcome,” she says. XargayAnd he’s not the only one among that great generation of players who has hinted at problems with them Mondello. also badalonesa Anna Cruz He announced that he had ended his relationship with the national team and did so by spreading a harsh message on the networks, In which he revealed that he “found it difficult to continue to tolerate actions that contradict his principles.”

Xargay It also denounces the continued neglect and disrespect Mondello While in his leadership as a player: “He didn’t know how to control his power. At no time did he respect me neither as a player nor as a person. He had many comments, both public and private, attacking me. I value my private life and my relationships”

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