He was rushed to the hospital, and the Commander was suffering from severe symptoms

He was rushed to the hospital, and the Commander was suffering from severe symptoms

Regional Mexican music singer Alfredo Rios, Commonly known as Commander, she was Hospital emergencyRecently, he had a severe stomach injury.

Everything seems to indicate that the main reason is eating fish in poor condition, as he made him know himself through his official social networks, when he shared it with his followers and through stories InstagramEverything that happened in terms of his current health.

That’s right, netizens got in thanks to the fact that Ríos participated in a story From the aforementioned app, the singer said that he suffered from a minor gastritis, due to eating in poor food condition, or because Poor handling of hygiene From the same.

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This way, he mentioned it on his official Instagram: “Not a little, I wanted to record a video today, it couldn’t, but hey, here we are trying to be better, my regards,” the singer said from Culiacan, The capital of Sinaloa state.

Likewise, later in a video the singer He said he started feeling bad for a few days, however, it didn’t take much importance, because it was just a slight stomach upset, but yesterday it got worse, which is why he ended up in the hospital.

And to the apparent concern of his fans, “Commander” mentioned to Media And its existing audience Medical observation To prevent worsening of symptoms or complications of the condition.

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He also commented that since last week he started feeling uncomfortable and was not feeling well at all, with days the discomfort progressed to the point of intolerance and he decided to go seek medical attention.

Faced with the latter, the singer said that he went with his father, and ate a fish that he did not like well: “I was a little sick in my stomach, on Sunday I did not progress at all and until today I already came with him. The doctor, the doctor did not allow me to come, and … Well, well, here they are with me this piece of medicine, “he said.

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He also explains that he argued with the nurse who attended him because he warned him that he would broadcast on social media, but she did not worry, because he would not appear in the picture, which the nurse replied. he is fine.

Likewise, in showing that he is feeling better, the Sinaloan musician told a simple joke to his loyal followers: “It’s good to have social networks because if it doesn’t, I will feel bored there,” he says in the video.

It is important to note that he also specified that he was not admitted to the hospital due to C0VID problems, as he stated that they had performed the relevant test before entering the hospital and fortunately the result was negative, for his part, Alfredo concludes the video by saying: They treated him very well, and that he received care from First class, thanking those responsible for his health.

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In the end, we think it is necessary to emphasize that the singer has not made clear when he will be able to leave the hospital, but judging by his video, which was seen in it enough that his fans would not worry more, he did not miss the opportunity to conclude with a joke that shows that he is recovering.

For their part, his ardent fans highlighted that he had recently suffered from health problems, because just a few days ago he said he had an accident on his truck, but fortunately that didn’t happen to adults, plus they mentioned the obvious. Weight loss, which is also attributed to health problems, but the artist said nothing about it.

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