Joksan Iza stands up to the art epidemic with “space for appearance.”

Joksan Iza stands up to the art epidemic with “space for appearance.”

Coronavirus is causing silent disaster in the art world. The cancellation of exhibitions, the closure of museums and exhibition halls for months, along with restrictions on movement, have disrupted programs and imposed quarantines or banned countless projects. Joxan Iza has experienced it directly. In the summer I would be exhibiting in Ciboure, in September at Donostia, and in November at Estampa in Madrid, but the good news is that one of these projects, the closest one, has become a reality.

Until May 20, the San Sebastian Archdiocese Museum will host, in the Church of Santa Maria, a “space to appear” featuring the photographer Iza Gorka Salimeron, showing different visions of Christian icons.

Cyborg characters, superheroes and 21st century “relics” allow access to the eclectic world of artists whose creativity, according to them, seeks to “dialogue with each other and interact with the audience that comes to contemplate them.” The photographs, sculptures and paintings show things related to religion from very different perspectives and artistic languages.

The holding of the exhibition, even knowing that under the current social and health conditions, the target audience has decreased greatly, Joksan has not responded again, who sees the exhibition as “a way to confront the crisis, and continue working. In these times of the epidemic, the ability to uncover all What we carry inside is also a treat for us.For now, only Donostia folks can enjoy it, and we hope more people can do it soon.This will be great news for everyone.

Michael Papiano, author of the exhibition catalog text, believes that the works are “imbued with this mysterious and transcendent air that must permeate all artistic creativity. They fit into a large number of readings depending on who they are looking at. Some evoke ghosts of the past, others allow us to put our finger in The wounds of the present or the prediction of epidemics that the future holds.

Bergeres has settled in Onatti since 1987, and Joksane studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country. A very personal artistic world and language has been created with influences of Expressionism, Comedy, and Graffiti. He loves to mix and blend all kinds of technologies and in D.Museoa he appears from Lazarus with the head of a puppet about to get up and walk, or Saint Sebastian’s martyr with the head of Boomer, the cartoon hero who appears in a chewing gum. A personal interpretation of Christian icons enriched by Salimiron’s interpretation.

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